Posted by: travelrat | September 19, 2007

Trains and boats and hippopotamuses

I hope, by posting this video, I’m not giving myself the label of ‘railway nerd’. I am interested in railways, but not obsessed by them … and I do have other interests besides.I’ve already mentioned the safari park at Longleat, in Wiltshire. That claims to be the oldest in the country, and was conceived by the father of the present Marquess of Bath to get the customers in, because, without such attractions, one ‘stately home’ is pretty well like another.

The idea was quickly taken up by the Duke of Bedford, at Woburn Abbey and Lord Derby at Knowsley, among many others.

So, other attractions had to be provided, too, and this clip shows three of them, all of which are special interests of mine; railways, boats and wildlife.

And, I could be wrong, but I think Longleat is the only place in Britain where you can see the hippopotamus in anything like its natural surroundings.

(Shiver me timbers!

I nearly forgot; today be International Talk like a Pirate Day! So, fill yer glasses, me hearties, an’ don’t ‘ee forget … only the Cap’n be allowed to say ‘Aaah-arrrhh’!)


  1. Aaah harhhh, Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! I’ve been waiting all day for Captain Jack Sparrow to come knocking at my door but more than likely it’ll be Long John Silver after an entire bottle of rum!

    I want to go to Longleat. What a fabulous place, but I certainly wouldn’t want to meet that gorilla down a dark alley – did you see the shoulders on him?
    Great video!

  2. >>certainly wouldn’t want to meet that gorilla down a dark alley – <<

    Definitely renewed my respect for people like Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall who spent their entire lives getting up close and personal with such creatures!

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