Posted by: travelrat | September 14, 2007

Silly sign and Durrington wrap-up

dscf0051.jpgI think it’s time for another Silly Sign, and I’m grateful to Margaret Dickinson for sending me this one. Margaret is quite a fan of Silly Signs, and she snapped this on in the village of Slack, near Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire.

They’re just finishing up for the season at Durrington. Soon, all the topsoil and turf will be replaced and, after it’s been rained on, there’ll be no sign anyone was ever here. What they found falls into three classifications; what they knew was there, what they suspected was there and completely new discoveries. But, they won’t be drawn on the proportions. There’s a lot of analysing and evaluation of what they found to be done … it’s not a job to be hurried.

And, I have quite a lot of video, notes, photographs and sound recordings to sort through. I don’t want to rush into posting anything; this is something that requires careful consideration. After all, Durrington Walls have been there for four thousand years … another few weeks will hardly make any difference!


  1. What a classic!

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