Posted by: travelrat | September 7, 2007

Durrington Dig Update

One of the ‘finds’ at DurringtonI was surprised at how many hits I had on the Durrington Walls entry, even though I did little more than mention that the dig is in progress, and provide links to some more authoritative articles on the subject.

But, I have been keeping up with progress on the dig. I did the conducted tour and went to the re-enactment over the August Bank Holiday … I took my grandchildren, and was surprised how fascinated they were by the whole thing. I expected them to be disappointed that what was to be seen was nothing like ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

And, the last couple of days, I’ve been up there to photograph and video.

Now, I’m not an archaeologist, so hate to pronounce on these things, but the people I spoke to were enthusiastic about the things they’d found. It would seem the whole area was a complex of wooden circles … rather like, I imagine, the numerous side-chapels in a cathedral ?? They’ve also discovered what they call ‘four posters’ … a structure where four wooden corner posts supported … what?

And, there’s something to see besides holes in the ground. Near an isolated horizontal sarsen called the Cuckoo Stone, they found the socket in which they think it once stood vertically, and the skeleton of a dog.

To the south of Woodhenge, they found human remains … only half a skeleton, though. They told me the upper half was lost during the careless excavation of the nearby ditch in the 1920s. And, to remove any doubt, in the picture, he’s the thin guy in the middle!

I’m hoping to visit again over the weekend, when the re-enactors are returning.


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  2. That is so interesting. What an exciting place to visit!

  3. What strikes me as remarkable is, when the archaeologists aren’t there, you can ride past it on the bus, and you’d think it was just a field … even the Durrington Walls look natural until you’e told they’re not.

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