Posted by: travelrat | August 31, 2007

Theme Parks and Wildlife

It’s been a bit of a rush over the last couple of days. The end of the month, when I change my ‘guest entry’ and the end of the week, when I change my ‘Pic of the Week’ coincided. And, I wanted to put a new page, with a slide show up, too.

All this to be done before I take my grandchildren home this afternoon, and stay the weekend at theirs.

On the way, we’re visiting a theme park, and I’m not the greatest fan of theme parks. Why, I wonder, are people prepared to pay vast sums of money to stand in queues, and bellow at their children all day?

I like a nice safari park. We’ve visited two this week and really enjoyed them. Of course, it’s not the same as the ‘real thing’ in Africa, as you’ll see if you visit my Kenya page, and see the slide show.

And, I’ll let you into a little secret. The hippos and the close-up of the crocodile were snapped at the Bamburi Nature Reserve, near Mombasa.

That’s a ‘zoo’ with a difference … the animals are free to wander where they will within the confines of the Reserve … the enclosures are there for the visitors!


  1. Your photos are awesome. You look like you got really close to some of the animals. Loved the zebras. My son is a big animal enthusiast. I think he is your No. 1 fan!

  2. I was hoping to visit the Australia Zoo at Beerwah when I come over in December, but it looks like I won’t manage it this time.

    Best I’ve seen in Australia so far was the Cleland Wildlife Park, near Adelaide.

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