Posted by: travelrat | August 20, 2007

Shannon @ Stonehenge

1st May 2007 Wiltshire

We once had a discussion in an online forum I belong to, which suggested that, although most of us like travel, we don’t like travelling very much. Although it was many years ago, I thought of it when my flight home was delayed, I missed the last bus home, and I had to sit in the coach station at Heathrow Airport for five hours, to wait for the first bus next morning.

At that time of the morning, it’s cold, draughty and miserable … but, I had my MP3 player, and some of Shannon Hurst Lane’s podcasts ( They passed the time, and I especially found myself chortling at ‘Episode 4: LeConte Lodge’ I think the other would-be passengers thought I’d lost it!

Even before I met her face to face, I knew she’d be my kind of people. She’s a ‘dot.comrade’ from Louisiana, and combines the careers of writer and firefighter with being a caring wife and mother. Multi-tasking indeed!

She was able to pay a quick visit while she was in England, and wanted to see Stonehenge, the other sights of Wiltshire and to visit our friend Sascha, in Chippenham. So, we had rather a lot to fit into the day.

Joanna’s Tea Rooms, the Stonehenge Brewery, where we tried some of Stig Andersen’s beer, and Stonehenge itself. Avebury … not only for the stone circle, but the Tourist Office, said to be the only one in England to be located in a still-consecrated church … and a quick visit to the Wadworth stable in Devizes.

I just hope I didn’t rush her around too much, and everything didn’t become a blur for her! But, I did take some video … not as much as I’d like, but I forgot to recharge the batteries on my camcorder.

Visit Shannon at You can also read her blog at and hear her podcasts at the address above.

As usual, the music is a royalty-free track from, composed and recorded by Kevin MacLeod.

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