Posted by: travelrat | August 3, 2007

Photographs and things

royal-crescent.jpgI went to Bath on Wednesday, to deliver some photographs to one of my editors who needed them in a hurry. She was delighted with the 8X5 prints I took, and I reflected it’s not so long ago that, if you wanted your colour pictures in a magazine, you HAD to take slides.

These days, though, I only know of one publication that insists on them, and slide film is getting harder and harder to find. With the advent of digital photography, I’m rather glad to see the back of them. I can just burn the prints I want on to a CD or DVD, put it into the DVD player, and enjoy the show on my television.

Much better than fiddling about with screens and projectors, while your visitors look at their watches and make excuses to leave!

In fact, I’m seriously thinking about selling one of my Nikons, and buying a digital SLR. The digital compact I have is OK for producing pictures for the web, and my own amusement, but the resolution isn’t really great enough for publication in a print magazine.

Today, the blog had a record number of hits, and I reckon this could be because my entry ‘Exbury Railway’ got posted to ‘Carnival of Travel Articles’ early this morning

(VERY early: the ‘blogmeister’ lives in New Zealand)

So, if you want links to many more travel articles, have a look at

Photograph? Oh, yes! How about one of Bath? It was taken on a previous visit. This one was purely business.

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