Posted by: travelrat | July 13, 2007

Blogs and Silly Signs

A ‘Silly Sign’ in FranceSometimes, when I have nothing to do, I cruise around the Web looking for new outlets for my articles, or, sometimes, check out my friends’ blogs, or those they’ve recommended to me.

Thus, I came upon Blog Carnival ( The idea is, you send the URL of your best blog entry (or two!) and they’ll put it on their site, too. Which, hopefully, will encourage people to want to read more, and re-visit your site.

Anyway, I sent ‘Exbury Railway’ to ‘Carnival of Travel Articles’  ( and it should go live on the 2nd August. Let’s see!

Today’s photograph … I’ve long been interested in ‘Silly Signs’. In Germany, I’ve stayed at the Hotel Dross, and eaten in the Drunks Café, but this is one of the best. And, I don’t have any qualms about posting it; there’s many a Frenchman had a snigger at our ‘cul-de-sac’!


  1. Hi Keith,
    I haven’t looked at your blog in a while—to busy getting ready to leave for france!
    But, I did today, and I’m very impressed—with how regularly you update it, and at the great variety of types of entries. Very interesting!
    I love the silly signs idea—maybe we could do something with that?

  2. Vivienne:

    As soon as you get settled in France, I’m going to put a link in to your blog … look forward to reading it.

    I’ve been circulating a photo of a village sign … from the Cretan village of Krapi !

    And, I’m sure you’ll find more in France!

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