Posted by: travelrat | June 22, 2007

A Head-Slapping Moment

Florian’s CafeWhen I bought my new computer about a year ago, it had issues with my printer. It worked all right; it told me when a cartridge was empty but it didn’t tell me which cartridge. So, usually I changed them both, to be on the safe side.This morning, the light dawned. I still have my old computer, set up in the spare room, for my grandchildren when they visit. So, why not disconnect the printer, and connect it to my old computer, and it’ll tell you which cartridge?It’s so simple … so why did I take nearly a year to think of it?On Monday, I’ll be putting up the last of my Venice entries before moving on somewhere else. But, I really ought to make a mention of this place. It’s Florian’s Caffé, in the Piazza San Marco … one of Europe’s most famous, and most expensive coffee shops.I mention it because last year, we cruised on the ship ‘Costa Atlantica’, where there’s also a Caffé Florian, modelled on its namesake in Venice. It has two advantages over the original. The coffee is cheaper, and you can drink it without a load of curious tourists peeking in the window!

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