Posted by: travelrat | June 15, 2007

Weekend again!

DelftI I wanted to be as quick as possible with today’s entry. My modem’s had a hissy-fit, and only works intermittently … and, unfortunately, the technician can’t come till Thursday. So, till then, I’ll have to put up with the internet suddenly going off for an hour or so without warning.It took me most of yesterday morning to upload some videos to YouTube. I wasn’t going to blog about them, but, since they took up so much work, I will, at least, provide links to them … and, it’s something for you to watch if I can’t upload my Trip Diary on Monday.I did Early Morning at Gredos for my Spanish friends; it’s at

Murray River: and Bus ride to Avebury: were my entries in last year’s Lonely Planet ‘Less than 3’ competition. I’m particularly pleased with these, as they’d only been up a few minutes, and one got a four-star rating; the other a five.

Sorry about blowing my own trumpet here a little … but, if I don’t, who will?Now, to get this posted before the modem falls over again!

(I will not get angry! Think of the blood pressure! Think calm thoughts … let’s see if I can find a nice, tranquil picture! How about this one?)

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